Plot Lines

Surface Unrest.

The world of Murganda that most people deal with is only one of two halves of the world. In reality the secrets of each major guild is the duality of Murganda. Through each great gate is actually the world beneath Murganda. An entirely different civilization rules there.

At least, it used to. Recently the three major guilds have interacted less and less with the major cities. Emboldened by the lack of Zealots and less ruling form the Orthodoxy many minors guilds have recruited more heavily. Additionally with less seasoned adventurers taking bounties and working for pay even smaller groups and brigands have started roaming the roads.

For the most part the major cities have cared little. The worries of the village folk matter little so long as the trade routes still move. For the last twenty or so years the minor guilds have all noticed the major guilds actions but have done little.

The Pretense.

You awake to the sound of other men putting on their armor and sharpening their weapons. The man standing at the door way says once again, “Meeting in 10 minutes don’t be late.”

As you walk into the room you see the man that hired you. A cartographer with the following description:

This boorish gentleman has slanted eyes the color of fine silver and blood red. His fine, straight, black hair is worn in a style that reminds you of a seashell. He has an angular build. His skin is cream-colored. He has a strong chin and small feet. His wardrobe is strange.

He speaks, “Hello everyone I do hope you’ve all had a good rest. Today I send the last of you out to the newest ruins we have discovered. As you all know these new Coatl ruins have been discovered in the high canopies. Bring me back accurate maps and the artifacts that these ruins hide and you will be paid out the sum of 500 gold for each of you. Your guides will point you in the right direction”.

As everyone finds their guides you realize the room has emptied out except for a few of you rookies.

Plot Lines

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