Northern Murganda- The Frozen North

Northern Cities
Northern Environments

“There isn’t anything that takes my breath away as much as the first view of ruins that no one else has managed to get in to.”- Kal-Drom, Lead Ruin Hopper

The great white north of Murganda has the least consistent climate of the 4 directions. However, the further north you go the colder and less hospitable it becomes. The southern end of the north is colder than the other directions but not unbearably so.

The majority of the people that live in the north do so as trappers, traders, and ruin hoppers. The pelts of northern creatures are sold throughout Murganda and used to create many goods. The traders follow the paths to wild tribes in the deep north. The ruin hoppers in the north deal with the cold as much as they deal with the ruins themselves. They call themselves hoppers due to the way they scale the tall walls of ice that surround most of the ruins in the north.

If you find yourself heading up north make sure to dress correctly. If you don’t you may end up part of the forgotten in the deep snows of the north.

Western Murganda- The Summer Jungle

Western Cities
Western Environments

“Better not miss a step. It won’t be the floor that kills you it’ll be the birds that catch you once you’re past the barriers, or maybe the vine snappers will get you. Either way watch your step.”- Shi’ar, Golden Vine Guide

The Western part of Murganda is known as the Summer region. With the temperature anywhere from 70-100 degrees, Western Murganda has earned its summer moniker.

The weather is not the only interesting thing about western Murganda. Huge swaths of vegetation engulfs the less civilized areas. With the thick jungle canopy serving to hide the large drops in the forest floor. Many an adventurer has fallen to their deaths from a slip from the forest path ways. Of course the jungle does not sprawl across all of western Murganda.

Near the coast line large cliff faces give way to miles and miles of beach. Pirates and traders alike patrol the waters looking for stories and wealth. Go too far off the coast line and you’ll find yourself beset by monsters. That is unless you have a sonar pulsar issued by a tech guild.

No one has yet traveled beyond the oceans in the current age. It could be that other continents lay outside the reach of the civilizations of the current age. At any rate Western Murganda is home to many and with its mild climate, many call it home.

With more denizens calling the Summer home than any other place in Murganda the three major guilds all have their main guild halls in Western Murganda. This has left little room for minor guilds to have as much hold in Western Murganda.

Eastern Murganda-The Desert of Industry

Eastern Cities
Eastern Environments

“We’re lucky that the only real danger is easy to see. We’re unlucky because there are so many of them.”Kethma, Sky Hunter

The east of Murganda is characterized by inland grasslands which turn into arid scrubland and desert plateaus that drop into the Murgandan ocean. While it would seem intuitive to live in the grasslands where rivers run and life would be easy that is not the case.

The desert plateaus of the east have large deposits of minerals both mundane and magical. These deposits are where most people in the East have made their cities and lives around. Desert mining is not an easy life. Prone to cave-ins and extreme heat life in the desert towns is tough.

However, not everyone in the desert lives in a mining town. The otherside of the east is that of great industry. With the minerals brought in the great forges of the desert have traditionally outstripped anything the western hives can create. As a result of the forges the great cities often spring up on the edges of the plateaus to get better access to water.

This is all punctuated by the problem created by the sand wryms. Not quite dragons but not quite harmless either they fly the skies of the deserts. To combat the menace of the wryms the Sky Hunter guild has existed as one of the largest powers in the east. The guild has existed long before the current age but its written history is kept out of reach for all but the senior most members in the guild.

Southern Murganda-Mire-touched South

Southern Cities
Southern Environments

“The only time I go to the south is when I…wait a minute I never go down there.”- Delator, Merchant Prince

The majority of southern Murganda lay uninhabited. Not for lack of resources or due to inclement weather like other areas of Murganda but because of the Mire. What major cities still exist in the south are constantly under siege from the land of southern Murganda itself. The many mage guilds of Murganda find ample wages in create wards to combat the creeping Mire that plagues all southern cities and villages.

Long ago the Mire was not a problem for the south. However, the the recorded history of the current age has shown that battling the Mire has been a constant problem for those who dwell in the south. The Mire can be categorized as an ever growing swamp land. Buildings sink into the muck, the dead manage to not die, and the various creatures who feed on carrion create an area inhospitable to life.

Within the mud and murky waters of the Mire there lies an entire ecology that has made itself the enemy of life in Murganda. Luckily the things from the Mire tend to stay within the Mire so the major cities are holding back untold numbers from flooding into the rest of Murganda.

Recently a small mage guild specializing in necromancy has found a way to ward off the Mire. While many question their methods there is little doubting their results. For the first time in the current age the major cities are not in a constant battle on their own walls.

The World Beneath

The Three Gates

Called “The World Beneath” but this part of Murganda is more akin to a parallel world. Not ruled by the seasons like Murganda is this place is in a state of never ending dusk. Punctuated by blood storms and thunder crashes the Beneath is a dangerous place. There are many entrances but each one of frought with danger.

The only people who regularly deal with the Beneath are those within the three major guilds. Each one of the major guilds holds a Great Gate to the Beneath.

Strange rumors circulate from people who see the returning guild members. Stories of ashen skin, pale eyes, but these rumors are dismissed by all three major guilds. As a result most rumors are left as just words to the wind.

As of recently unrest has been brought up in regards to the Great Gates. The guilds have loosened their vigils on the three gates within Western Murganda. The forests alight with the battles against strange creatures not seen on the Murgandan surface in written history.


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