Making a Murgandan

Starting Level 5

Make your character lvl 5, aka 5500 exp

Guild Membership

After finishing character creation everyone may choose 1 minor guild with which they have membership. The only guild that is restricted is the eastern Sky Hunters. Read the minor guilds page for restrictions.


Not Allowed: Revenant, Shade, Vryloka, Githzerai, Githyanki, Kalashtar, Shadar-kai, Duergar, Drow, Bladeling

DM permission required: Bullywug, Gnoll, Goblin, Hobgoblin, Kobold, Shardmind

Any other race is allowed.


Not Allowed: Ardent, Battlemind, Monk, Psion, Controller, Defender, Leader, Striker

DM permission required: Vampire


If you gain a background bonus you will be required to roleplay to get it :D


Tribal Feats: Only allowed on characters with Primal power sources.
Bloodline Feats: No.
Dragonmark Feats: Only 1 per character.

Items and Gold

Not Allowed: Mounts
Magic Items: Ok, Level 5 and under.
Starting Gold: 1000 gold

Making a Murgandan

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