Murganda, a plane of existence far removed from our own. The plane of wonder has eons of lost stories and history. Unlike our own home this place has little in the way of celestial movement and traditional astrology. Instead it drifts throughout its planar space. Night and day are similar to our own times except for dusk and dawn being 2-3 hours long. With light never truly leaving the plane as it does on Earth.

On the topic of size Murganda is many magnitudes larger in terms of land mass. Collectively the plane has 2 times the amount of land that exists on Earth. Much of the worlds history and civilizations have been lost to Conquest, Violence, Famine, and Death. What does remain are hardy towns and a feudal system reminiscent of our own.

Keeping the entire plane of Murganda running on a normal basis are various guilds. To note there are 3 major guilds and many minor guilds. The three major guilds are the Adventurer’s Guild, the Zealots of Rhyllor, and the Ruling Orthodoxy. Of these three only the Adventurer’s Guild and the Zealouts of Rhyllor can be joined. The Ruling Orthodoxy are those gifted with higher birth, aka those who control the castles, lands and major trade routes.

What you can expect to find while traveling Murganda are varied ecosystems with dangerous fauna and wildlife. Sweeping grasslands, dead drop canyons, huge forests, vast deserts, sprawling ruins, and many more environments dot the land masses of Murganda. The business of the guilds is to fulfill the needs of the small people. Perhaps to find a lost treasure in the deep caves or ruins. In the end each guild tries to gather members and amass power but for what end?

Where will your travels take you?


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