The Adventurer’s Guild
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Most people aspire to gain entrance into the halls of an Adventurer’s Guild. Whether to better themselves, look for adventure, or build friendships this is the place to do it. As one of the three major guilds on Murganda those who wear the badge of the Adventurers’ carry great prestige in most towns.

That is not to say that gaining entrance is a simple matter. The methods are simple. A mentor will take on a group of promising trainees. During this period the trainees will need to prove themselves worthy additions to the Adventurer’s Guild. The average pass rate is sub 20% because most trainees will die while exploring the seedier locales of Murganda.

Those that do pass are required to pass a rigorous set of trials. Once they do the guild accepts them in with open arms. Each major city has an Adventurer’s Hall with ample supplies for any brave soul. Most anyone gives great respect to Adventurers.

The other path is to have the accolades of 4-5 other minor guilds. Alongside this you must have found an item of value somewhere in your travels. If you have these things done a mentor will forward your application to the nearest guild hall. Then you will only have to pass the trials.

The Zealots of Rhyllor

The followers of light. These are workers of the dominant religious sect on Murganda. While other gods have followers there are very few that carry the same power as the god Rhyllor. Heralded as the god of light and shadow there is no area that he does not see. At least the saying goes.

In practice the Zealots carry out miracles, ceremonies, and other religious functions. Alongside religious duties in all major cities there is one great cathedral. In those hallowed halls the god Rhyllor works through his servants as judge, jury and executioner. To enforce his will each major city is policed by the militant arm of the Zealots.

Most have no problems with Rhyllor’s influence as he has proven to be a just god. The Militant and Religious arms of the Zealots remain on good terms and relative peace is had in the major cities.

To join the Zealots one must only be of good heart and willing to work under a priest. Choosing Militant of Religious arms is also required once a priest has approved of initiates.

The Ruling Orthodoxy
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While it is one of the major guilds of Murganda the Orthodoxy is almost impossible to get into. The easiest method of becoming a member is to have the luck to be born of high birth. Those lucky enough to be born into the Orthodoxy enjoy the best quality of life Murganda has to give. Ruling a feudal land, running a castle, even being king of a major city. These are all things the Orthodoxy does.

Enforcing their rulings are the masked men of the Orthodoxy. Utterly obedient and ominously silent these men make sure the Orthodoxy has a presence wherever important things are happening. Many times the Orthodoxy will defer to the Zealots to police places but that is not to say the Orthodoxy depends on the Zealots.

The only other way to become part of the Orthodoxy outside of being a faceless man or being of high birth is that of the merchant prince. Those who can create enough wealth through whatever means can ingratiate themselves to an Orthodoxy member often find themselves slowly gaining power.


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