Rings of the Forgesmith

10 rings for 10 works


A set of 10 rings is required to stay a forgesmith. You may choose 2 of the bonuses listed. In addition if any ring is lost your character will suffer 1d4 damage after 1d4 hours and every round after. If you take an extended rest you may reform your lost ring.

  1. Work-Bound Ring: +1 CHA bonus when talking to blacksmiths.
  2. Haggler’s Ring: +3 Diplomacy but -1 Insight.
  3. A Hammer Ring: +1 weapon damage with hammers on basic attack rolls.
  4. Heat-Forged Ring: +1 weapon damage with keyword flaming abilities but -1 to attack rolls with keyword flaming abilities.
  5. Fool’s Gold Ring: Whenever you find less than 10 gold. Instead you find 10 gold.
  6. Ritual’s Ring: +1 to Arcana check when using a Ritual.
  7. Martial Practitioner’s Ring: +1 to the check on a Martial Practice.
  8. Alchemist’s Ring: -25% of the component costs of any lvl 5 or lower Alchemy formula.
  9. Jade Ring: Potions will heal for 1d4 extra health on self.
  10. Soul-forged Ring: When you are bloodied you may gain 1d4 health. Your surge value is -1.

The many rings of a forgesmith are a marker of the forge he works for. If he cannot gather 10 different materials for his rings then he is no true forgesmith. The ability to work many metals is what defines a forgesmith from a common blacksmith.

Rings of the Forgesmith

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