Missing Ring Finger

Assassin's Guild Marker


Gain a +2 bonus to concealment rolls towards daggers. This increases to +4 at lvl 10 and +6 at lvl 20.

Gain +1 to all damage rolls dealt while you are hidden or concealed. Increases to 1d4 at lvl 10 and 1d6 at lvl 20.

Once each extended rest you lose 1d4 life for every creature you have drawn blood from.


The loss of a ring finger indicates that the person has married the assassin’s creed rather than take on the longings of the flesh.

However because of this sacrifice you have been trained in the deadly arts of assassination. Killing comes easily to you but each death causes you to seek penance. Killing is a thing of beauty but life is cherished in the Assassins as well.

Missing Ring Finger

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