Enchanted Glass Eye

Marker of the Cartographers


When you take this roll 1d6. Take the effect from this table.

Dice Roll Event Effect
1-2 The ritual has set itself to see well in the dark. Grants it user dark-vision for 3d10 minutes as a daily. This bonus goes to 6d10 at lvl 10 and 9d10 at lvl 20.
3-4 The ritual has set the eye to see lands better. +2 to Perception in relations to getting the lay of the land.
5-6 The ritual has set the eye to see better than a normal eye. +2 to Perception but -2 to Bluff and Intimidate.

To become a cartographer the initiate must craft his own glass eye. Luckily a glass eye is cooperative in comparison to an animal eye. Once the eye is replaced it tends to confer benefits that would suit a cartographer in mapping out the lands or ruins he may come across more easily.

Enchanted Glass Eye

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