Bronze Hand

A bronze hand of your own design


When you take this roll 1d12. Take the effect from this table.

Dice Roll Event Effect
1 The ritual left your hand stiff. As a minor action you adjust your hand to grip something new. -1 to unarmed power rolls.
2 The ritual left your hand stiff but still functional. Increases unarmed damage 1 dice size. You cannot gain a versatile bonus from weapons.
3-11 The ritual goes as expected. +1 to Arcana. There are no downside to your bronze hand.
12 The ritual imbues your hand with some extra magical power and tinkerer knowledge. +2 to Arcana and +1 to History. This bonus will increase 1d4 at lvl 10 and lvl 20 (Roll each time).

The ritual of replacing one’s hand is a time honored tradition of the Tinkerers’ Guild. In doing so they grow closer to artifice. Each hand is hand crafted and the inner workings are a closely guarded secret of the artificers.

Bronze Hand

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