Black Tricorne

The way pirates flaunt their status


When worn gives a +3 bonus to Bluff or Intimidate in non-combat situations. Chosen upon gaining entrance to the guild. The Bonus increases to +6 at lvl 10 and +9 at lvl 20.

You can choose to not wear the Black Tricorne for no penalty for 2d4 hours. When this time is up you will start to lose gold at a rate of 2d10 per hour. This gold is stored in the chest of the Pirate Assembly.

Additionally whenever you lose 1/4 of your health you also lose 1 gold to the Pirate Assembly’s chest.

Whenever the bonus of the black tricorne makes the difference between passing and failing a roll you lose 1d10 gold to the Pirate Assembly’s chest. This increases to 2d10 at lvl 10 and 3d10 at lvl 20.


It is said that the black tricorne fills people with a need to boast and brag to others about their fantastic exploits. As a side effect of being part of the self-serving pirates those who wear a black tricorne pay their dues to the sea.

Black Tricorne

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