Black Tears of the Mire

Mire Scout's Curse


Provide +2 to insight and perception. Provides a -1 to CHA. These shift to +4/-2 at lvl 20 and +6/-3 at lvl 30.

Additionally you can close your eyes and let them fill up with the black tears once per day. This allows you to gain +10 to stealth against undead while you remain hidden. This effect lasts until you make an attack roll or fail a stealth check.


The first ears of the mire happened long ago. Ever since it has been the curse of all who protect the south as a mire scout. Stay too long in the mire and your eyes begin to tear the black. While it does confer certain advantages there are many who regret allowing the Mire to change them. Without them the Mire would have encroached further in on the south long ago.

Black Tears of the Mire

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