Animal Eye

Marker of the Polar Rider


When you take this roll 1d12. Take the effect from this table.

Dice Roll Event Effect
1 The ritual left you and your animal scarred. -1 to Perception and Insight
2-10 The ritual had no complications. +1 to Perception or Insight. Chosen when the ritual happens
11-12 The ritual bonded you with a bit of your animals senses. +1 to Perception and Insight

Additionally you gain a +2 to nature increasing to +4 at lvl 10 and +6 at lvl 20.


As part of the rituals required to join with a polar animal the Polar Riders must exchange eyes with their polar animal. These rituals can be quite scarring but the bonding effect leaves the Polar Riders with superb control in the cold wastes.

Animal Eye

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