World with Twin Fates

Bryce has fallen...

One adventurer passes

July 8th, 2011
The party explores the ruins further. Discovering an unactivated power core they activate the inert ruins by using Raka’s electrical blade. Upon reactivating the ruins an ancient sacred idol awoke from its holding place.

Afraid of the ancient being Bryce and Lucco fled the room. Meanwhile the idol showed its power by unleashing blast after blast of lightning. Afraid for his life Raka ran through the exit and held the door closed behind him. Leaving Jin and Iltani alone with the beast. Enraged by Raka’s selfish actions Bryce forced Raka back into the room and called for Jin and Iltani to follow him.

Jin barely hearing this had already opened another door to try to escape, only to be confronted by a set of overgrown stone gaurdians. Hearing Bryce’s voice the party escaped back to an earlier chamber. They barred the way with wooden palisades while Bryce explored. Suddenly the sacred idol shimmered into existence in front of the group. Deciding it was time to stop running they felled the ancient idol with team work.

Afterwards the group thought it was a good idea to get some shut eye the party lit a pit trap ablaze to keep the maggots away and slept in the inert lightning trap room. After a tense but full rest the party awoke to find their exit path covered in rot grubs.

Charging face first Bryce took the fight to the maggots only to be devoured alive. His screams of agony only making his party fight harder. After felling most of the foul things Lucco saw Bryce’s hand twitch. Thinking he could still be alive Lucco went over to Bryce’s body. His stomach retched as he approached. The maggots were writhing in Bryce’s body, the twitching coming from maggot spasms underneath Bryce’s armor. With a slit and a smash Lucco ended the grubs feast on Bryce’s corpse. Taking the treasures of the ruins the party left for the jungle canopy.

Once outside they turned to see the ruins activated form. A large glowing sphere of energy levitated the top half of the ruins and the stone floor underneath them hummed with power long forgotten. In front of them a portal formed and inside the vague outline of humanoids fighting could be seen.



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